Topics of Interest

When you visit our blog site the first thing that will strike you is the range of topics that we cover. Society/Future, Sports/Martial Arts, Society/Issues are some of the aspects and as it can be seen, each of them are contemporary topics of interest to the common person. We always strive to bring the latest news, information and updates from these fields so that readers can be aware of the happenings around them.

However, unlike a news portal that reports only on the events, we take a step beyond that. We bring interesting blogs on the history of the events that we write on so that visitors can get a total overview of every happening or occasion.

An example will help clarify this point about us. Take the case of a royal wedding. Our blogs will deal extensively not only about the wedding per se but will also have titbits and nuggets of information about past similar events and how the present one stands up in comparison. This is the unique way that we treat any subject and this is what sets us apart from others in our niche.

Here is a snap shot of our blog site

In the sports section our focus is on martial arts and its many perspectives. We will trace the origins of this sport right up to the latest developments as well as details of great exponents of this sport. Additionally generic blogs will have tips and guidelines for new students that will optimise their training programmes.

Our Society section will have news and information of happenings around the world, of glamour homes and lifestyles and trending issues that are likely to come up in future.

We have a team of bloggers that continuously research on the topics that our blog site is related to and post updates from the world of fashion to sport, from interior decoration to stylish furniture. There will never be a dull moment when you visit our site.

We also have an open and interactive approach and welcome guest bloggers to contribute to our site. There are no restrictions on topics chosen for blogs so long as it is relevant to the niche that we deal in. Images, photographs and infographics may be imbedded in the blogs for greater visual effect.

Contributors will be informed by email once the blogs are posted on our site.