What You Need To Know About Premium Rate Numbers?

Have you ever tried to search for news on the weather or celebrity news or any other info on your phone? Have you ever voted for any content or a game show? Have you ever requested for some gambling tips or so on? If yes, this is the premium rate number that you have called. Sounds confusing? Read on to learn more.

There are a number of companies that use these premium rate numbers as they act as the micro payment system, and the prices to use these numbers is higher than the regular call. One can reach these numbers either from their landline or from their mobile number too. A part of the charge of the call goes to the telephone company, which is the normal call rate and another part of the call charge is given to the service provider. Many a times, these numbers are accessed at a very high rate and a number of telephone companies that deal with adult content use such services. There are also laws in several companies where such numbers are blocked to use from landlines so that they cannot be accessed by teens or young kids.

The international premium rate number is mostly available worldwide. It is very common in the European countries and also in countries, like the US, Canada and South America and Asia, along with many African countries. But each country has its own way of using these and ones have to abide by the law of the country to use these. In a number of European countries, there are some customer care numbers which are operated on these premium rate numbers. But at the same time these kinds of services are provided for free in the countries of North America.

These premium rate numbers can be with ease differentiated from the other regularly used numbers and this fact is known to all the residents of the countries where these are used. The kind of these premium rate numbers can differ based on the content and also based on the charge. Like for example, in Austria, these numbers make use of a prefix of 0900 and they charge the user on per minute basis. There are also numbers that are charged per call and these have the prefix of 0901.

Similarly, there are the numbers which have a prefix of 0930 and these are for those which have adult content. In places like Czech Republic, the numbers starting with 900 are known to their people as the premium rate numbers and these used by the railways or the ministry of defense and so on.

So, we now understand that these numbers have much more to them than the simple digits.