Guidelines for New Students of Martial Art

Students of Martial Art

It is natural for new students of martial art to worry about a range of issues of which getting hurt and not knowing the rules take precedence over everything else. However, the advice given by experts is “Don’t Worry”. All beginners have the same anxiety when they step into the gym. The seniors, teachers and classmates will guide you in the right direction.

Here are a few tips to ensure that you fit in easily into the programme, earn the respect of your teachers and fellow trainees and make the most of your classes and martial arts training.

Martial Art

Be Punctual for training

Discipline is an integral part of martial arts training and the first step in this direction is to be on time for classes. Strolling in 10 minutes late and then taking your time to change clothes is a strict no-no. Reaching early and changing quickly gives you time to warm up and get your mind focussed before classes start. It will also project you as a serious student. Further, expecting your partner to wait for you while you get ready can not only be annoying but also shows disrespect for others.

Be clean and safe

Martial art is an intimate and close contact activity and hence it is necessary that you maintain personal cleanliness and hygiene at all times. Keep your uniform washed and clean and use deodorant and breath mints before stepping on to the mat. Carry baby wipes and wipe your feet before training so that you do not carry germs and bacteria to the mat. Having long nails and wearing jewellery can lead to unnecessary injuries to you or your training partner. Hence, keep your nails trimmed at all times.

Carry a notebook

Just like an academic school, taking a notebook to martial art class has its advantages. You do not have to take it to the mat and scribble down every word from your teacher. But writing down the main instructions after class will help you to later review your lessons and track your progress. If you find writing a problem, take out your phone and record your thoughts on it. There will be a ready training manual if you choose to take up teaching at a later date.

Be ready to stagnate

Sooner or later a time comes in training when you feel that you are not making any progress. After you have attained a certain degree of skills you might feel that you are stagnating, something like hitting a plateau after a climb. But it is not like that – sometimes the jump in improvement might be big and dramatic, sometimes so small that only you will notice. Often a jump might happen twice or thrice a month or even once a year. But never give up. Be assured that all the time you are going through a learning process even if it temporarily doesn’t feel so.

These are a few tips that new students of martial arts will do well to follow.